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you told me you wanted to eat up my sadness. well enjoy, jump on, you can gorge away,

I'm pretty much just a regular, 17 year old British girl. This journal is basically my ED jounal and it's contents will most likely be somewhat dark at times. I'll just be documenting my progress, my thoughts and feelings as well as other things from time to time. I'd love new friends, you don't have to have an ED but just be aware that is what I'll mainly use this journal to talk about. Keeping a journal really helps me a lot and I made this new one specifically for my weight issues. I'd be horrified if anyone I knew in real life would ever read this.

I'm friendly and supportive, I'm always looking for fasting and restricting buddies and if you ever need someone to talk I'd be more than happy to lend an ear. I might not be able to lend any great, sege advice but at the same time I know from experience you simply need to let it all out. I'd like to think that my journal will be quite interesting, I'll post photos and book and music recommendations along with my entries.

Feel free to add me! Just drop me a comment :)

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you're looking skinny like a model, with your eyes all painted black